Up, up and away

Well I stayed up way too late last night with Amy and Overton (aka Sugar and Daddy-O) making a cake for the 50th anniversary celebration cake competition at Intel.  Amy and Overton did a really cracker jack job making the adorable bunnymen for the cake (the pièce de résistance) in addition to providing lots of moral support.  Our competition was steep (a single other cake) but I’m happy to report that the late night paid off – we won!

My 50th anniversary design with help from Amy and Overton!!

Amy and Overton are visiting their grandson (and son and daughter-in-law) this week and getting in their baby time!  Speaking of Julius, I am mostly content with Julius’ room and furniture (though I’ve got some more wall art to work on) so I’m going to cut to the chase. I’m tired, you want to see the room, here it is…

The trash can on the side of the changing table holds our dirty cloth diapers, wipes and covers. It is a simple human trashcan with a waterproof liner. I take everything out every other day to wash them.

This end table was $3 at a yard sale! I finally painted it white. The striped bins I found at target and fit perfectly. The lamps are from our old apartment. The tall lamp is wired to the light switch and has a 4 way switchable light bulb. The lowest it goes is .2W which is perfect for late night diaper changes or feedings.

Though you can’t see them I installed black out blinds on the windows. That painting I painted in high school… I have always loved hot air balloons!

My late night feeding rocker with my brest friend/shelf, a blanket form my sister and the pillow featured in an earlier post.

Up, up and away – Julius loves his hot air balloon mobile.

Julius’ bookshelf was a $5 find at a thrift store that I painted white. The awesome bench was purchased by my aunt and uncle by a local woodworker.

Our changing table holds cloth diapers, diaper covers and wipes as well as disposable wipes for daycare, and clean crib linens. You’ll notice the Julius caddy on the side holds diaper creams and lotions.

The inside view of the closet. We hang up complete outfits, the drawers are filled with individual onesies, pants and pjs. The tiny baskets on top hold socks and hats while the hamper holds clean blankets and clothes given as gifts that aren’t yet his size.

I updated Will’s old college laundry bag for Julius’ laundry and attached it to the changing table for easy access.

I stitched double sided velcro onto the bag so I could easily affix it to the changing table, and remove it when it was full.




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