Baby Ewoks

Well this weekend started off promising, and then I came down with something that resembled a 24 hour bug.  I suspect it was just a pregnancy thing, but Saturday night through Sunday afternoon I felt downright awful.  Based on my symptoms I thought I might have food poisoning, but everyone else who ate the same meal with me had no ailments.  Oh well, chalking it up to the joys of pregnancy.

In other news, Will and I have finally settled on a color for the baby’s room!  I’ll save it as a surprise for now because I’m certain I’ll do several posts on the re-do of the guest room into the baby’s room.  And I found this super neat fabric that I want to use as curtains, but it is REALLY expensive.  I’m debating if I want to pay as much as they’re charging… But it really is cute…

On the subject of cute things, the tiny renaissance boots I made prompted a request for some Star Wars themed baby paraphernalia.  I’d been planning for a while to make an adorable ewok hat, so this was my chance.  Here’s the finished hat, being worn by an eggplant (I don’t have a baby around, and the eggplant was the only nearby thing that was fairly baby sized).  It was very quick to make (even while I was feeling awful this weekend)!  I made this for a newborn (13.5″ circumference head) but you could very easily scale up the design for an older child or an adult!  I’m taking requests for other adorable baby accessories!!

Eggplant in ewok hat – front view

Eggplant in ewok hat – side view

Baby Ewok Hat

  • 1/4 yard of fleece in burnt orange
  • 1 sq foot of light brown faux fur
  • 1 yard of brown yarn
  • Pattern – to be posted whenever Will or I can get the scanner to work.

All patterns have 1/2″ seam allowance unless indicated.

  1. Cut out fleece and fur from pattern above.

    Cut out pattern pieces.

  2. With fur right sides together, stitch 1/2″ from the edge of the fur, leaving an opening between two notches.

    Stitch ears, leaving gap at notches.

  3. Turn ears right side out.

    Turn ears right side out.

  4. Place fleece pieces, right sides together and sandwich the ears inside the hat.  Make sure the ears are placed on each curve and the open side of the ears lines up with the curve.

    Place ears on curves like so (but sandwiched between fabric.

  5. Stitch between notches on hat.

    Pin and stitch from notch to notch, leaving flap opened.

  6. Fold the bottom of each side of the hat under.  Pin and stitch.

    Pin and stitch bottom hems.

  7. Fold the unfinished edge on each side of the flap in up to the notch.  Stitch in place from the notches on the hat to the finished seam in step 6.

    Finish unfinished edges of the flaps.

  8. Folding only 1/4″ of the face portion of the hat under, sew in place.

    Fold unfinished edge of the face of the hat under and stitch.

  9. Put a knot in the end of your yarn and thread other end through a yarn needle.
  10. Stitch two x’s onto one side of the hat, just above the notches marking the flaps.

    Stitch x’s on the side of the hat above flap.

  11. Tie another knot inside the hat to secure.  Repeat with second side.

    Tie a knot inside the hat.

  12. Find an eggplant, or better yet a baby, to model your hat!

    Front of ewok hat.

    Side view of ewok hat.

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