Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas!  Whether you celebrate or not I hope your day is fabulous!  We’re celebrating with my in-laws this year and I’m writing this minutes before we leave for the children’s church service.  We took Julius to see Santa earlier in the week, and though he doesn’t seem to understand that he is coming tonight, he does seem to recognize him and points him out on lots of different objects and pictures.

Yesterday we drove to see Julius’ great grandparents and on the way back he was getting a bit fussy.  Luckily his aunt Lauren had brought along a silly dog toy for him that barks Jingle Bells.  At some point during the drive I had to call Walmart customer service (longer story) and Julius listened intently to the call.  They were on speaker phone and asked for my order number, to which I responded with a brief pause and “umm, one moment” followed up immediately by a choir of dog barks which I guess Julius decided was the perfect hold music.  I could not keep it together after that.

This year we decided to go all in on Star Wars for our Christmas card after seeing Julius as an ewok on Halloween.  Here’s what we came up with:

Julius and I wore the same costume as Halloween, but I thought Will’s costume looked a bit too manufactured.  I didn’t have time to do too much so I kept the shirt and vest and focused on the bottom half of his outfit only (ironic since it is the only half that doesn’t show in the Christmas cards). I bought some navy blue pants at the thrift store and added a red and black striped piece of trim along the seam of each leg for the Corellian blood stripes.  I didn’t want to invest in real black riding boots, so instead I bought a piece of pleather and threw together some boot covers.  They took me less than half an hour to make and with his black dress shoes they worked really well.

Han Solo Knee High Boot Covers

  • 1 yard of black pleather fabric
  • 12 inches of black elastic
  • Waxed paper (optional – see note below)
  • pattern here

** NOTE: If you have any issues with the pleather sticking to your presser foot, simply place waxed paper above and below the pleather to surround it and stitch right through it.  After you are done sewing you can just rip away the waxed paper. 

  1. Cut out two pieces of pleather using the pattern here
  2. Fold one boot cover in half and pin along the unfinished edge.  Stitch.
  3. Fold the top of the boot cover down 1/2″ and stitch along the edge to finish it.
  4. Finish the bottom of the boots on the “stirrup” side by folding under 1/2″.  Stitch.
  5. Turn boot inside out.
  6. Attach a 6″ piece of elastic to the inside of one of the boot covers at the stirrup end.
  7. Attach other end of elastic to other stirrup.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 7 for other boot. 
  9. Grab your ewok and wear with pride.
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