Not Just Donuts

Well from the vacation pictures I posted in my last entry, you might be thinking, ‘boy she has gotten a little fat’. I know, right?! Must be all that sourdough bread and soup I’ve been making! Well as my husband has been reminding me, “its not fat, you’re pregnant”. But I can tell you when your pants and shirts all suddenly stop fitting, it sure feels like fat!

Oh right, so I glossed over that. I’m pregnant! Will and I are having a baby! That belly in the pictures is a baby! (Or really all my intestines pushed upwards by a baby as I have been reminding my husband.) Crazily I have two other friends who are due around the same time as I me – Oct/Nov. When my friend Maren and I were discussing our slightly protruding bellies she made the hilarious comment, “everyone probably just thinks its too many donuts”. How true! And then she followed it up with, “I wish I had a shirt that said, ‘not just donuts'”. ¬†Wish granted!

Here is the super clever shirt Maren came up with, as interpreted by me. If you’d like to make your own, follow the instructions below.

Not just donuts…

  1. Print out the MS Word document here.
  2. Take your print out and tape it to your brown paper. Using your X-acto knife, cut out the letters and arrow. Make sure you cut out the inside portion of the ‘D’ and ‘O’s and save them.

    Cut out letters with an X-acto knife and save the insides.

  3. Follow the instructions in my previous post to screen print the design onto your shirt.
  4. Make sure when you get to step 14 you remember to also position the inside of the ‘D’ and ‘O’s you saved in step 8 in their proper positions.

    Position cut out onto shirt, make sure to add the inside of the “D” and “O”s.

Screen print following the instructions in my dyeing-to-screen-print post!

Finished shirt


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2 Responses to Not Just Donuts

  1. Matt says:

    Matt: Is a screen printer just wood with a screen!
    Maren: I know! I’ve been trying to make one!
    Matt: you’ve been trying to make one??
    Maren: Yes! In my brain! I fail every time.

    • lexicolton says:

      HAHA. The first step is imagining you can do it! Honestly its not too hard. Also, this is the slightly ghetto version of screen printing. I think the fancy folks use machines.

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