So did I mention last week that Julius has a new little cousin?  Our nephew Finn(egan) was born nearly two weeks ago to my sister in law Erin and my brother Mark.  All I can say so far is he’s pretty darn cute!  He’s been mkeeping Erin and Mark awake in the wee hours right now, but hopefully he’ll get on real people time soon!

On the Julius front, he’s been getting pretty frustrated.  He sits up and flips around all the time and even rolls over onto his belly now to sleep.  Much to his chagrin though he hasn’t mastered any form of mobility.  The closest he gets to mobility is moving backwards in a circle.  On the bright side, he has found his feet which makes character footy pajamas way more fun.

But mobility aside, boy can this guy paint!  Just this weekend he made a masterpiece in honor of pride month.  Some year we’ll all actually get to Boston to see the pride parade.  Until then it’s rainbow finger painting for us!  As a side note, Julius is actually too young for finger painting because he puts everything into his mouth.  The method we used below came from the amazing teachers at our awesome daycare!

Don’t break my concentration, Mom!

Rainbow Abstract Art (for infants)

What you’ll need:

  • 6 colors of non-toxic paint in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet
  • 1 gallon sized zip lock bag (hopefully one being reused from previous usage)
  • 1 half sheet of cardstock
  1. Apply vertical stripes of paint to your cardstock from left to right along one long edge in the order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.
  2. Open the zip lock bag and gently insert the cardstock inside, using care to avoid touching any plastic.

    Insert rainbow paint stripes into bag.

  3. Zip the bag leaving one corner opened and very gently press out most of the air so the plastic begins to press on the paint.
  4. Place your child in tummy time position on top of a boppy or floor pillow.  Place bag with paints in front of child.

    Beginnings of art

  5. Encourage child to play with paint inside the bag.

    Julius making art

  6. When child is finished, unzip the bag, gently lift the plastic off the wet paint and remove artwork.  Let dry.
  7. Admire for years to come.

    Happy Pride Month!

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