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So I keep getting asked what Julius is going to be for Halloween, or more specifically what I am making for Julius’ costume this year.  I have to get this out there, I bought Julius’ costume.  I’m really disappointed in myself, but we decided to be Endor Han, Leia and Wicket and when I typed “ewok” (not even “ewok costume” or “baby ewok”) into Google the third hit was the most adorable ewok baby costume you’ve ever seen in your entire life.  It was from the Disney store (they know their stuff).  I thought it was going to be exorbitantly expensive (Disney store!) – but it was $30.  Not even counting labor I wouldn’t be able to make a costume for that price in materials alone!  On top of that, how can I possibly top this clever costume?

We tried the costume on Julius and he was SO EXCITED.  I didn’t expect him to be excited by a costume!  Maybe he takes after his mommy!  Or maybe it was just the big fat stuffed belly that was part of the costume making him excited.  He kept trying to hug himself and rolled around the floor giggling. Adorable.  With the kiddo’s perfect costume out of the way, I only had to work on adult costumes.

Leia’s Endor costume is pretty darn easy.  It is a high necked poncho type thing covered in camo.  Super easy.  And Han is wearing his typical getup plus a trenchcoat covered in camo.  Not bad.  I was actually intending to make the full Han getup until I found a Han costume that Will wore in college.  It’s pretty cheesy with build in black boots, but since Will doesn’t own knee high black boots that is fine by me.  The trenchcoat I purchased at the thrift store for $10, and when I got it home I realized it was a very fine brand that sells for quite a bit of money on ebay.  The collar was perfect and Will kept saying “destroy it” to me over and over again so I decided to cover it in camo fabric paint.

As for Leia I had acquired some tan fabric somewhere at some point. (As a tangent, I’ll have you know that last time I went to the thrift store I passed on an entire bolt of very pretty green fabric for fear of being a fabric hoarder – it was only $10!  For the whole bolt!  I hope you’re proud.)  Anyway, I had a lot of tan fabric so I cut it down to make into the poncho and then covered it in camo fabric paint.  I’ll wait to show the full family’s attire on Halloween week.  In the meantime, if you want to make your own Leia costume, I’ve got you covered.  Next step – find a Halloween party.

You may not have seen Star wars 6.5 – where Han and Leia adopt a baby ewok.

Princess Leia, and a cow!? My friend Melissa is loving her cow costume. Next time I’m making one of those.

Endor Leia Poncho

What You’ll Need:

  • 2.25 yards of medium weight cotton or linen fabric
  • Tulip Color Shot spray fabric paint in Green, Coffee and Brown (don’t pay more than $3 per can – I used coupons at Joann, but Walmart and Amazon have it for $3 normally)

Unless specified – assume .5″ seam allowance everywhere.

  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric 27″x36″ for poncho front and 39″x36″ for poncho back.
  2. Find center of 36″ edge of front and back and mark a 12″ slit.  Pin front and back together and stitch from one end to beginning of 12″ slit and from 12″ slit to other end.
  3. Cut second rectangle of fabric 28″x17″ for neck.
  4. Fold neck rectangle in half into a 14″x17″ rectangle.  Stitch along 17″ unfinished edge.
  5. With the poncho still right side in,  turn neck right side out and insert into the 12″ poncho hole.  Line seam up with one of the shoulder seams.  Pin neck edge to either end of the poncho.
  6. Stitch along one side of neck from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.  Turn and repeat for other side.
  7. Turn arm edge of poncho under 5″.  Press.
  8. Turn under an additional .5″. Press.
  9. Stitch close to fold.  Repeat for second side.
  10. Turn bottom of poncho under .5″ and again .5″.  Press and stitch to form hem.
  11. Finally, turn neck under .5″ and then 1″. Press and stitch close to the inner fold to form hem.
  12. When the poncho is complete you can spray paint your work.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and spray light brown blotches randomly.  (It is very difficult to really do this randomly unless you are blindfolded, so try not to give in to OCD and make blotches at regular intervals like I did.)
  13. Repeat with the brown paint.
  14. Repeat with green paint.

Fend off the imperial army.

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