The Bear Returns

I had a terrible morning yesterday. Will gently woke me with a sound slumber to say “I think a bear attacked your hive”. Ugh. He actually offered to try and put it back together because “he was worried the bees would freeze”. My husband really is a cracker jack guy. After his words had sunk in, I sprang out of bed, threw on shoes and a coat and went straight outside to inspect.20160429_06522820160429_065233

The entire hive had been dumped on its side and several frames had been torn from the hive and were missing comb. I was half asleep still and started picking up the frames without thinking that the bees might not be in a good mood. Bad move. The angry bees swarmed me and I ran from the hive. I got stung once. Muttering to myself I went back in to get into my suit (which does not include pants), jeans, socks and gloves. No time for the smoker; it really was cold and I did not think it would help. In my gear I proceeded to pick up the hive and add frames back in. I have never seen bees this angry (rightfully so). I hurriedly reassembled the hive as hundreds of bees proceeded to attack me. Here’s something I hadn’t considered – women’s stretch jeans do not appear to be impervious to stings. Denim is pretty thick, but stretch denim really isn’t. I got stung about 3 more times before I ran to the front yard to try and brush myself off.

I didn’t want to come inside with angry bees all over my suit, but I didn’t want to take my suit off with angry bees all over me so I rang the doorbell waiting for Will. Apparently Will was in the shower and couldn’t hear me so eventually I unzipped my suit and ran inside. I think I managed to leave the bees outside.

So this was a total disaster. I can’t believe that the first time in 3 years that I have a good queen my hive is attacked by a large animal. Now I have multiple things to consider. Is the queen still alive? I really have no idea. The bees were so frenzied that I definitely did not have time to inspect. Will the bear come back? I assume the answer to this is a resounding yes which leads me to my final question. How do I protect my hive?

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4 Responses to The Bear Returns

  1. Emma H. says:

    Noooooo! The poor bees!

    This sent me down an unexpected Google hole. Let us know of you need help building something to protect them!

  2. Jill B says:

    How heart breaking! We live in TX so no bears, but last year my “Happy Hippy Hive” that had 20 deep frames of bees, brood & honey was decimated by wax moths :-( I don’t know if our queen died, left, was weak or what – but one week everyone was fine & 2 weeks later it was like bee holocaust. I was so upset. I was hoping the few remaining bees would make nice with our neighboring hive & find a new home (maybe – they were doomed anyway).
    Apparently for wax moths you are supposed to freeze the frames to kill the larve – I was so pissed off, I set my frames next to a mound of fire ants! The only time I’ve been happy about having fire ants around!

    • lexicolton says:

      Oh my gosh! Wax moths!! I am so sorry! My hives haven’t lived long enough in the past few years to fall prey to pests! Setting the frames infected by wax moths next to a fire ant colony is hilarious. I hope they took care of those jerks!

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