Under Wraps

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous!  We’ve been eating dinner on our screen porch the last two nights and loving it!  It feels like early summer – I don’t know whether to be worried or enjoy it so I’m doing both.

Instead of enjoying the outside as much as possible, I’ve been spending my spare time inside my closet, where I cannot possibly see the outside.  Right before the pandemic I started redesigning our closet, and after deciding I didn’t feel like building everything from scratch I finally caved and ordered a whole bunch of Elfa shelving from the Container Store.  I’ll talk about the closet design in a later post, but it’s been 5 weeks since I ordered and I’m still missing 1/4 of it so who knows when it will actually be finished.  It was poor planning to order shelving at the start of a pandemic.  On the bright side, I managed to get everything back in the closet except shoes and only have one wall left to go!

Julius has wanted to help with the closet.  Yesterday after his nap he refused to go hang out with Dada while I was using power tools.  He just wanted to sit in the closet and watch me work.  I explained to him the importance of wearing safety goggles and some other safety measures and then he asked to help me.  I let him put the end caps on the clothing rods we purchased, but before he did so he picked up a pair of safety goggles and put them on.  Smart man.  They were huge, so they kept falling off his face while he tried to put the end caps on.  One hand on the glasses, on hand on the end cap (though adorable) wasn’t particularly productive so I finally held them onto his face.  I’m proud he listened to how important eye protection is.

Speaking of protection, the other day I had to go get some bloodwork done so I wore my P99 workworking/painting mask (I haven’t gotten around to making any masks yet).  To make it look less ridiculous (this is the exact model I have) I wrapped one of my pashmina scarves around it to cover it up.  I figured it would make it look less weird. When I got into the office the receptionist took one look at my face and then asked if I wanted a mask.  I said that I was okay, and she said “are you sure?” and then gestured to my scarf laden face.  I quickly told her there was a respirator underneath.  I’m not sure she believed me but when I left the office and looked in the car mirror I burst out laughing.  I might have hidden the respirator too well… someone may very well imagine I had wrapped my face 6 inches thick in scarves.

Anyway, my pashmina scarf worked great!  Good thing too because I have about 25 of them.  I love them.  Everytime I go to NYC or someone I know goes to NYC I ask them to get me a new one in a different color scheme.  Paisleys are my favorite!  Anyway – I decided to make an impromptu hanger last weekend to organize all my scarves.  I used a shoelace, a 3/4″ diameter dowel and shower curtain hooks I had bought at a thrift store and never ended up using.  IT WORKS GREAT.  I highly recommend it, and it is stylish too.

Hanging Scarf Holder

What you’ll need:

  • ~2.5 feet of 3/4″ dowel
  • 1 long thick shoelace (4′ long)
  • shower curtain hooks or curtain hooks with alligator clips
  1. Decide where your scarves will hang and measure the horizontal space.  Cut off 6″ from that measurement and cut your dowel down to that size.
  2. Drill 1/4″ holes through the dowel 1″ from each end.  Sand
  3. Thread one end of shoelace through one hole, and other end through other hole.
  4. Pull shoelace on each side through the holes until the bottom forms a half circle. Knot the laces above the dowel.
  5. Knot the ends of the shoelace together.
  6. Clip alligator clips of the curtain hooks onto shoelace at equidistant intervals.  You’ll need as many hooks as you have scarves.
  7. Thread scarves through the circle of the curtain hook where the rod would normally go.
  8. Hang.
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