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Well, we had an exciting weekend.  We had a little celebration for Julius on his birthday and that morning I had some early labor signs.  (I’ll post about the celebration in a later post.)  No baby yet, but I had some more contractions this morning that went away after a few hours and then returned again this evening.  Who knows?  Certainly not me.  I think it’s funny when people believe women have control over their due date.  The only thing I know and can control for sure is that this will be a short blog post.

Piglet… kung fu master?  Confused yogi?

So I’ll tell you about the world’s tallest piglet costume.  This costume was another super simple one… just purchased clothing for the most part.  The main problem was that I couldn’t find pink form fitting clothes to fit someone six feet tall… without paying a prohibitive price (a different version of the pink tax perhaps…)  So I bought white 100% cotton long underwear (shirt and pants here) and dyed it pink.  On top of the pink long underwear (which Will will be sporting under his ski clothes this winter) Will wore a magenta tank top and athletic pants (both of which he’ll be able to wear again later).  To anyone who is in desperate need of a pink size men’s XL long underwear and wants to know how to dye long underwear pink, send me an email and I’ll send you the instructions.

All the ingredients lined up for dyeing.

Dyeing Will’s cotton thermal underwear pink.

Piglet Ears

What you’ll need:

  1. Cut out 4 ears from felt.

    Cut 4 sets of ears from felt

  2. Place 2 pieces of felt together and stitch, between two markings, leaving the bottom opened.  Trim seam allowance around part you stitched. Turn right side out.

    Stitch ears together and turn right side out.

  3. Repeat for second ear.
  4. Place one ear slightly off center from the top of the headband.
  5. Put glue on the headband, fold one flap over, add glue to the top of flap and fold over second flap on top, so ear encircles the headband.
  6. Place other ear equidistant from the center of the headband on the other side and repeat step 6.

    Piglet and Pooh BFFs


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