Colton Costume Contest 2020

Welcome to the first ever (Virtual) Colton Costume Contest!  I can’t wait for you to see all the fabulous candidates!  They all deserve a prize for keeping the spirit of Halloween alive!

mmm good!
Left: Dennis Pryor, LC: Alice Pryor, RC: Overton Colton, Right: Amy Colton

50’s Poodle Skirt Girl
Amy Lyon

Green M&M
Maggie Lyon

Keith Richards and 60s/70s Hippie Girlfriend
Left: Bruce Lyon, Right: Mary Alice Lyon

Pumpkin Patch Princess
Daisy Doodle Kohm

The Woodstock Throwbacks
Left: Val Pryor, Right: Dennis Pryor

100 Akre Wood Pals
Left: Will Colton, Center: Julius Colton, Right: Lexi Colton

Party Animals!
Left: Andrew Colton, Right: Lauren Colton

Peter B Parker
Mike Myers

The Graduation that Wasn’t
Left: Ed Collins, Right: Ann Collins

Mario and Luigi
Left: Evan Bhimji, Right: Andrew Bhimji

The Scooby Gang
Left: Mark Collins, LC: Finn Collins, RC: Erin Collins, Right: Ari Collins

Alex Pearson

Princess Moose and Deer
Left: Nora Safran, Right: Shoshana Safran

Princess Moose
Nora Safran

Abraham Lincoln
Abe Lyon

Wreck it Ralph, Vanellope, and Fix it Felix jr.
Left: Emma Hensler, Center: Verity Pitman, Right: Andrew Pitman

Max from How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Herbert Pitman

Clark Kent, Retired, Takes Powerful Amphetamines Ahead Of Ibiza Rave
Jesse Colton

Black Cat
Rosalie Graham

Antebellum Ladies
Left: Alice Arnold, Right: Helen Arnold

Frozen Winter Wonderland
Left: Brian Syverud, LC: Bandit Syverud, Center: Clara Syverud, RC: Kathleen McEnnis, Right: Nora Syverud

Spell Casters and their Magical Beasts
Left: Noah Pendleton, LC: Caleb Pendleton, RC: Morgan Pendleton, Right: Mia Pendleton

Schitt’s Creek
Left: Lauren Deutsch, Right: Tyler Deutsch

Haunted Jack-o-lantern Brought to Life
Alie Gillespie

Hufflepuff who has been taking his Hogwarts classes remotely during the pandemic, so he hasn’t cut his hair in months and he forgot to put pants on
Mike Turley

Baby Shark
Gizmo Turley

Tonks and Lupin
Left: Keaton Smith, Right: Em Geer

Wednesday Addams
Mary Elizabeth Colton

Oops we beat the competition again!
Left: Bailey Christenson, Right: Amanda Collins

Amelia Earhart
Lindley Malec

Margot’s Margotrita
Margot Linton