Oreo about you but I think these are delicious

Well this weekend was Saint Patrick’s day and since I’m 1/16 Irish (though my freckles might make you think it was more) we always feel the need to celebrate.  My mom (who is 0% Irish normally but 100% Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day) always makes corned beef and cabbage and we drink some kind of Irish beer.  For dessert we usually have something green-ish.  I’ve never really found an authentic Irish dessert recipe, but I’ve made potato cake once or twice, which seems authentic but supposedly isn’t.  (If you have a good authentic recipe I’m all ears.)  Eventually I abandoned authentic-seeming recipes for anything just plain adorable and Saint Patrick’s day themed (ie: green).

This year I was looking for an excuse to use up these Ghiradelli chocolates from ladies’ night so I bought some Oreos thinking I’d make chocolate covered Oreos that look like gold coins.  Well a couple days disappeared and so did the Oreos.  So I bought a second package at my next trip to the grocery store. This time I warned Will I was saving them for a project, and that he could only eat one row of them.  Skip ahead two days, and we were back to 0 Oreos in the house.  (Turns out we have a slight Oreo addiction.)  So I went back to the grocery store and this time I discovered they have a package of Oreos labeled “Party Size“.  You read that correctly, not “Family Size“, but “Party Size“.  Well I decided to purchase two packages of the Party Size, just to be on the safe side.  Skip ahead another couple days and we’re down to a half package of Party Size Oreos.  (Okay maybe its a serious Oreo addiction.)

Moral of the story?  Don’t buy Oreos.  Ever.  Or you will definitely gain 15 pounds in approximately 7 days due to exponentially increasing Oreo frenzy.  (Oh, sorry, did I imply it was just Will eating those Oreos?  Well that was just a lie.)  Anyway, once you have Oreos in your house and have somehow managed to avoid consuming them all immediately you can then make them even more fattening and delicious by dipping them in chocolate!  According to Will it makes them 2x’s as good as normal Oreos.  (A dangerous statement.)  So go ahead and try it, and you’ll be as happy as if you’ve found a real pot of gold.

Gold Coin Chocolate Oreos


Temper chocolate (still using my redneck candy thermometer holder)

Temper chocolate.  I follow the steps for tempering on the back of my candy thermometer.

  • In a double boiler with barley simmering hot water, stir chocolate with a wooden spoon.  (Use 1.5 cups). Heat chocolate to 120-125 degrees F.
  • Remove bowl from heat and cool melted chocolate to 86 degrees F.  Add small pieces of tempered chocolate to cool it.  (Gradually add the reserved 1/2 cup of chips.)
  • Raise the temperature by setting the bowl back over the pan of hot water for brief intervals.  Reheat to a maximum of 88 degrees F for white or milk chocolate, or 90 degrees F for dark chocolate.  Keep chocolate in the 86 to 90 degree range while dipping.

Dip Oreos and let excess drip off with a fork

Dip Oreos in chocolate and let excess chocolate drip off with a fork.  Place on waxed paper lined baking sheet.

Sprinkle with gold sugar

Sprinkle with gold sugar before chocolate hardens.

Wait for cookies to harden (15 minutes or so) then shake off excess sugar and store in an airtight container.

Cookies last at least 2 days (probably longer, but they’re usually gone in 2 days or less).

Gold Coin Oreos


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  1. Will says:

    Ok, now I have to go eat some Oreos.

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