A Swift Arrangement

This weekend we went to Will’s childhood friend, MacRae’s wedding.  It was Julius’ first wedding and the first of nine weddings we have on the calendar this year!  We had so much fun celebrating with MacRae and Jewel and all their friends.  Jewel dip dyed napkins for the reception, what a great idea and a great segue into to some summer dyeing projects I’ll be doing in the future!

On the way back from the wedding we stopped by Erin and Mark’s house to check on our nephew’s status.  Well he’s still in utero!  He was due 3 days ago, but like Julius, I think he must be too cozy to greet the world yet.  Being at Mark and Erin’s house again reminded me that I have one last post to put up from the baby shower!

Many florists encourage you to use floral tape to create a grid on the mouth of your vases for ease of arranging.  I’ve found this method works fairly well, but half the time I destroy the tape grid trying to insert the flowers.  Luckily there is a sturdier solution using scrap wire mesh if you are using mason jars as vases.  Several years ago my co-worker gave me a bunch of wire mesh he had in his basement (he gives me lots of junk because he knows I like to reuse/recycle things but chicken wire may be the strangest thing he’s given me.)  I used some of it to prevent critters digging into my garden from underneath, and some to prevent critters from entering my beehive in cooler months.  Now I’ve also made several mason jar flower inserts and it still feels like I have yards of the stuff.

Mesh Flower Arrangement Helper

What you’ll need:

  • 1 sq foot of 1/2″ wire mesh
  • mason jar including lid and ring
  • wire snippers
  1. Remove lid from the mason jar and place it on the wire mesh.  Mark around the lid perimeter onto the wire mesh.

    Trace around lid onto mesh

  2. Snip at each mark on the wire mesh forming a rough circle of mesh.

    Clip mesh at markings

  3. Snip down to the nearest corner so no pokey bits remain

    Trim mesh down to corners to remove pointy bits


  4. Insert mesh into ring of mason jar and screw onto jar.
  5. Insert flowers into the mesh grid to create your perfect floral display.

    Arrange flowers as desired!

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