Graco Dream Suite Mattress Cover

Did I tell you Will finished painting the baby’s room?!  It is awesome and I love how it came out!  I am going to hold off on posting a picture of it today because I’ll do a reveal once we get everything set up.  (Not to mention all the lovely gifts everyone gave us are still strewn about the room in disarray!)  Speaking of lovely gifts – did I mention that on top of a bunch of lovely gifts we got TONS of hand me down clothes, car seats, changing table, a swing, pack and play, bassinet etc from my co-workers?  It is amazing how nice everyone has been to give us all these things!

Will and I finally went to get some of the few things we didn’t get from friends and family – a crib and a glider – last week while they were both on sale.  I’ve heard we won’t need the crib for a while anyways (since we’ll use the bassinet) but we wanted to order it in advance.  The bassinet that my manager gave me is pretty neat.  It has wheels, is very light, and flips over into a changing table.  Apparently it also has some vibration/rocking feature that we haven’t tried yet.    The bad reviews for it seem to be about the mattress requiring special covers, that Graco doesn’t sell.  I decided to make my own since it was rather easy!

Bassinet Mattress Cover

You’ll need:

  • 2 yards of 1″ velcro (I couldn’t find 1″ so I used 1.5″)
  • 1 yard of 45″ fabric
  1. Trace your mattress cover onto your fabric (or use my pattern folded in two).

    Trace mattress cover onto fabric.

  2. Fold the mattress cover in half (or use my pattern) and trace, adding 1″ of length at the flat end.  Repeat.

    Trace half of mattress cover or pattern + 1″ onto fabric.

  3. Cut out all pieces using 1/2″ seam allowance.
  4. Fold under 1/4″ of fabric on the flat end of both mattress cover halves.  Stitch.

    Fold and pin 1/4″ on edge of half mattress cover.

  5. Lie mattress cover halves on top of the full mattress cover oval right side up, lining up the perimeter.  The halves should overlap slightly.

    Place mattress cover halves on top of full oval mattress cover, overlapping slightly.

  6. Using the mattress cover as your guide (or my pattern) mark the location of the velcro pieces onto your mattress cover halves.  Note that all the velcro will be the loop side, with the exception of hook side on one of the overlapping edges of your mattress halves.

    Mark where velcro should go and stitch on.

  7. Stitch velcro in place to right sides of fabric (with the exception of the overlapping edge of one of the halves which will be on the wrong side).
  8. With right sides together, place the mattress cover halves on top of the mattress cover oval as in step 5. Stitch all around the perimeter.

    Stitch all around edges of mattress cover, right sides together.

  9. Turn inside out!

    Finished mattress cover, back view.

    Finished mattress cover in the bassinet! Now all I need is to make some more toys to hang from the canopy!

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2 Responses to Graco Dream Suite Mattress Cover

  1. Will (Husband) says:

    It fits so well, I didn’t realize it was made by Lexi until she told me.

    Well done!

    • lexicolton says:

      It needs to be perfect fitting for safety! But luckily it is such an easy shape it is incredibly easy to make it fit well!

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