The Lady Beekeeper 2.0

Welcome back!  After such a long hiatus, I’ve decided to reboot this blog. From here on out you won’t just hear about my beekeeping tales, but also my other hobbies like crafts, home improvements and cooking.  I hope you enjoy it!


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2 Responses to The Lady Beekeeper 2.0

  1. wayne says:

    I recently bought an antique 1927 honey extractor much like your own.. i purchased it for 100$ and was wondering what kind of money you paid, and if you knew what the extractors are worth from that era… i thought it would be an interesting piece..

    • lexicolton says:

      Hi Wayne!

      Thanks for stopping by! Interestingly I only paid $50 for the extractor plus a decapping knife since I think they were just taking up room in the couple’s basement. I’m not actually sure how old my version is, but it still works well. My co-worker borrowed it to extract honey from some of his hives and had success with it (I still have not gotten any honey from my hive yet). The only issue with extractors from this era is that they are made from galvanized steel. One one hand the galvanized extractor is great because it won’t rust but some people are worried about potential reactions with the zinc. Since honey is usually slightly acidic a reaction is definitely possible – but since it spends so little time in the extractor with little contact with the extractor walls, my co-worker and I decided to risk it. I don’t think you would want to risk selling any honey using an extractor with galvanized walls.


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